The Chair MIR studies the de- and re-regulation, as well as the governance and the management of the different network industries, namely postal services, telecommunications, electricity, water distribution and sanitation, railways, as well as air transport. We focus especially on the role the Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) play  in governing and transforming these industries.  As of recently, we have extended our activities to the governance of large urban infrastructure systems.

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Global Arctic MOOC is started on Coursera

Master Project: Design of a serious game for stakeholders in an energy transition

The PIP Newsletter Vol. 6, Issue 2 is now available!

Vol. 20, No. 2 of the NIQ (Network Industries Quarterly) is now available!

New MOOC on Smart Cities on Coursera


China infrastructures

Digital platforms

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What Happens When Platforms and Network Industries Collide?

In recent years online platforms such as Amazon, Google, and Facebook, have become significant players in a number of markets, from retail to entertainment. Now, often aided by a favorable regulatory environment, platforms are encroachin


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